Need an intuitive Decision Tree software that is beautiful, advanced and as easy as click click click?

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Treat uncertainty with wisdom.

Decision Tree Maker & Analyzer Software with Intuitive User Experience

Because you do not deserve the pain of a poorly designed, boring, and awkward user interface for Decision Analysis, SpiceLogic has brought you the most Intuitive and beautiful wizard-like Decision Tree Analysis Software. The user experience is intuitive enough so that you don’t need to learn through a manual. You can intuitively guess the correct way to achieve what you want to model. Learn More
Decision Tree Maker

Free Live training (Zoom or Teams, whatever you prefer)

If you need, we will book a live one-hour one-to-one training session for you, demonstrating the various features of this software. We will walk thru the user interface and show you how to model a problem that you are concerned about.

Easy Manipulation of a Decision Tree

Not only can you make a decision tree, but you can also manipulate the tree in any productive way you want. You can cut or copy a subtree and replace a node with the subtree easily. Forgot to add a decision node between 2 nodes? No worries. You can insert a decision node, chance node, or a parallel node quickly from the context menu. Learn More
Decision Tree Manipulation

Perform Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity analysis is a crucial part of decision analysis. A decision won't be robust until a sensitivity analysis is performed. Decision Tree Maker & Analyzer software calculates the sensitivity of all variables and display a sorted list based on the degree of sensitivity. Learn More
Sensitivity Analysis

Rich math expression editor for Multi-Criteria Utility Function and Monte Carlo Simulation

Drag and drop criteria to the expression editor, and use a mathematical operator and built-in functions to form your custom expression. You will love this editor when you will need to perform a Monte Carlo simulation of your Random Function. Learn More
Multi Criteria Utility Function

Advanced Probability Distribution Editor

A rich probability distribution modeling tool is within your reach. Incorporate a probability distribution as a payoff on any action or event node. Learn More
Probability Distribution

Diverse payoff info with multiple objectives and criteria

The decision tree software is capable of capturing multiple objective / multiple criteria in a rich format like boolean, subjective, numerical, monetary, etc. Learn More
Multi Criteria Decision Analysis

Just Incorporate a Probability distribution, Monte Carlo Simulation will run automatically.

Model an uncertain payoff using the built-in advanced probability distribution modeling tool. Monte Carlo simulation is performed whenever a probability distribution is detected. A Risk profile is generated based on the Monte Carlo simulation. Learn More
Monte Carlo Simulation

Advanced Utility Function for payoff modeling

Intuitively modeling utility function is one of the features that make this decision tree software stand out from others. It lets you go very deep with shaping rich utility functions. Learn More
Advanced Utility Function Editor

Powerful Risk Analysis with Stochastic Dominance

A plethora of Risk Analysis metrics calculated. Stochastic Dominance is calculated up to the 3rd order and displayed most intuitively. Learn More
Stochastic Dominance

Update beliefs by experimentation using Bayesian Inference

Some uncertainties are highly sensitive, and you don't want to guess the probabilities. Experiment and incorporate your observations into your hypothesis updating process. A built-in Bayesian Inference tool is right there for you. Learn More
Bayesian Inference

And a powerful analyzer

The software is not only a decision tree maker but also a powerful analysis engine for various metrics useful for robust decision analysis. Just model a Decision Tree and behold a plethora of metrics and charts with Risk Profiles, Value of Information, Stochastic Dominance graph, Sensitivity analysis, and Monte Carlo Simulation is done for you.

Rich and comprehensive reports are generated with details.

Learn More
Decision analysis metrics

'Parallel node' for modeling simultaneous decisions and mutually non-exclusive chances.

SpiceLogic Decision Tree Maker offers several extensions over regular decision tree software. One such extension is the "parallel node". Learn More
decision tree parallel node

Discover a Decision Tree behind a data source using Machine Learning

Don't you want to learn how others made a decision? Mine your data source and behold the Decision Tree generated using Machine Learning. Learn More
decision tree machine learning
Not only you can generate a decision tree using Machine Learning, but also test the generated tree against a data source, and get a confusion matrix and all other performance metrics.
Decision Tree from Machine Learning

A Part of our Rational Will software

This Decision Tree Software is also available in our composite (bundled) product Rational Will®, where you get a streamlined user experience of many decision modeling tools. Therefore, if you get Rational WIll, you won't need to acquire this software separately.

Supported Operating Systems

This software is made for Windows machines. Any windows operating system that has Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher, you can install this software. If you are a Mac user, you can still use this software on your Mac OS using software like Parallels Desktop.